Photographer and Educator

Ron Timm

AS a long-term photographer I am acutely aware of the beauty in the world. As an educator, I am able to share this beauty through photography with my students.

I have been a professional photographer for over 25 years, am a Camera Council Certified International Photography Judge, Past Director of the Camera Council Photography Judge Training Program, Past President of the Camera Council, President of the Digital Photography Society, and winner of many photography awards. I have a Masters Degree and a PhD in Business Management and a Degree in Professional Photography. I'm also a photography instructor at the college, community education, and individual level as a Photo Coach. 

Check out some of my non photography classes at the right. I offer about twenty classes from computer classes to retirement to simple living.

Below is the schedule of classes I will be teaching. I hope to see you at a future class.

Classes developed and taught by Ron Timm

Digital Camera 101.  In week one of this beginners class, students will learn how digital cameras work and receive basic instruction on how to turn them on, use zoom lenses, delete photos, and change batteries and memory. Week 2 is a field trip where the instructor will provide one on one instruction on how to make great photos. Week 3 will be review and instruction on how do download photos, set up a system to catalog your photos, how to print and email photos and an introduction to image editing.  

Comprehensive Introduction to Digital Photography. Unleash the features and power of your digital camera in this comprehensive three week class. Week 1: How do cameras work? Understand functionality, memory, zoom lenses, close ups, when to use flash, deleting unwanted photos and more. Bring your camera and manual to class. Week 2: Composition, lighting, taking photos of people, landscapes, animals and other subjects. Over 150 excellent photo examples provided. Week 3: Download photos to your computer, set up a simple photo filing system and demonstration of four free or inexpensive image editing software programs. Take store and edit photos like a pro!  

How to take great photos with your digital camera.  In this class you will see over 200 photos that will illustrate how to use photographic composition to take stunning photos. You’ll learn how to use your photos to tell a story and how to use framing and cropping to create beautiful photos. You’ll become familiar with black and white photography, negative space, how to create an environment, use props, and see different flash techniques and lighting.

How to take great pictures of people, kids and animals.  Take this class and you’ll learn the basics of photographic composition, how to effectively light photos, the use of framing, cropping, flash, black and white, negative space, environment, props and more to make great photographs! You’ll improve your skills, understand the principles of people photography and learn how to be a better photographer. Also covered in class will be senior photos, weddings, hobbies, and how to use photos to tell a story. Over 100 photos will be presented to illustrate the principles covered.

Introduction to Digital Photography: Using your Digital Camera.  This class helps photographers gain a comprehensive understanding of the principles of photography. Learn how you can make beautiful photos through a step by step introduction to the fundamental concepts of photography. Over 100 beautiful photos will be projected to illustrate these exciting principles. This class includes a field trip with hands on help from the instructor and a follow up class to review student photos.

Advanced Digital Camera Workshop. Session one covers photographic composition including elements of composition, photographic controls and rules of photography that will practically guarantee that you'll be taking wonderful photographs. Session two covers the understanding of light and how it is used to make excellent photographs. Session three will provide an introduction to taking effective portraits with basic equipment, photo manipulation and several inexpensive software programs that will help you make artistic and creative images. Students will be asked to bring in four photographic images for the second and third meeting for review in class. Classes one and two will include Power Point presentations with hundreds of excellent photos to reinforce the principles taught.

Fine art flower photography. After this class you’ll be able to create personal, unique, and creative photos of flowers. This class includes a field trip to photograph flowers with hands on help from the instructor and a follow up class to review photos. Digital cameras offer a lot of advantages, but none is greater than the ability to control the entire process yourself - from capturing images to editing to making final prints. The emphasis of this excellent course will be on producing images that are exciting, unique, and an expression of your creative self. Students will be asked to provide 4 images from session two to review in class.

How to make great photographic portraits and wedding photos. This class teaches students how to make memorable photos of infants, children, adults, and animals with an emphasis on weddings and senior portraits. It will teach you how to capture the moment, and create emotion and mood in photos of the people we care about. Over 100 excellent photos will be projected to provide visual reinforcement of the principles.

Creative photography.  Digital cameras offer a lot of advantages, but none is greater than the ability to control the entire process yourself - from capturing images to editing to making final prints. The emphasis of this excellent course will be on producing images that are exciting, unique, and an expression of your creative self. Many excellent photos will be projected to demonstrate creative techniques.

Digital Photography. (11 week college class. 6 hours a week) College course in photography for graphic design students.. Instruct graphic design students in the operation of digital cameras, photo studio lighting (tungsten and strobe), composition, workflow, and how to produce photography for advertising.

How to take Great Holiday Photos In this class you'll learn some of the techniques professional photographers use to get wonderful, intimate photos of the people they care about. The instructor will provide many excellent examples of holiday photos. You'll also learn how to convert those photos to photo books, albums, and greeting cards.  

Travel Photography - Helpful Tips and Techniques

If you have an interest in travel and an interest in digital photography, this course will help you marry those interests into dramatic images, telling stories with your photos, and creating slide shows and photo books to share the wonderful memories of your travels. You'll improve your travel photos with any digital camera using the techniques you'll learn.   Covered in this class are what photo gear you'll need for travel, security, photography tips for landscapes, people, street scenes, architecture, and finding great photo locations while on your trips. You'll see over 150 excellent photos to reinforce the principles the instructor offers.

Smart Phone Photography. The majority of Americans use smartphones to take photos and videos but really don’t know how much better these photos could be. This class will offer a brief introduction on photographic composition and light, hardware and software that is available to make your photos even better, and hands on time in class to explore and learn what the capabilities of your phone’s cameras are. We’ll also learn how to share your photos and how to print them.

Landlord 101.  So you want to be a landlord. This class will acquaint you with some of the pitfalls and opportunities of renting out your home or other rental properties. Subjects will include how much to charge for rent, finding and screening good tenants, getting rid of bad tenants, checking references, security deposits, leases, P & L on rental properties, maintenance, tax implications, tenants rights, and more.

Retiring? What Do You Want to Be When You Grow UP? Retirement can be a scary, life changing time or with some thought and planning, it can be a very rewarding and enjoyable time of life. If you are retired or are considering retirement, take this class and discover the myriad opportunities that await you. Subjects covered include how to add meaning to life, how to fill the 8 or 10 hours a day that you used to work, travel, learn new things, volunteerism, hobbies,  interesting  leisure activities, creative pursuits, physical well-being, start a business, get social, downsize, and other thought provoking subjects

Android Smart Phones and Tablets. Why does my smart phone make me feel dumb?

Part 1
There are more Android phones sold than all other phone operating systems combined. Attend this class and find out what makes them so popular. If you have purchased an Android phone and are not sure how to use all of its capabilities, this class will provide a wealth of information. In part 1 we look at how smart phones are used, the phone's  screens, settings, wi-fi, blue tooth, area coverage, explore email, texting, photos, video, books, music, movies and shows, games, insurance, virus protection, and where to safely download content.

Part 2
This class includes a review of part 1 class content and will further explore using your phone to its fullest potential. We'll talk more about using your phone to its full potential including your contact list, switching calls, calls on hold, 3 way calls, and more. You'll find out which of the more than 2,000,000 applications to use, where to get them, how to attach photos to texts and emails, widgets, fun ring tones, wallpapers, on-line banking, on-line calendars, on-line shopping, using  maps (GPS), backing up info and photos to the cloud, and more. Please note that participation in part 1 is a prerequisite for attending this class.

Live better by simplifying your life In this class we'll discuss how to live a richer, more meaningful life while reducing consumption, debt, and stress. Also known as voluntary simplicity, this lifestyle promotes decluttering, reducing spending on luxuries, being satisfied with what you need, not what you want, and freeing up more time for the really important things and people in your life. After a health scare in the 1980s, the instructor embraced these principles, left corporate America, and has lived a happier, simpler, more meaningful life.

Living Better on Less (How to save money on just about anything) 1.5 hour class. This class will help you reduce debt, reduce costs on homes,credit cards, insurance, cars, food, recreation, travel, and more. Learn how to reduce your monthly "nut" and still live comfortably and with less stress about money.

On Line Selling Do you have stuff you'd like to sell or are you looking to buy without leaving your home? Take this class and find out the ins and outs of selling on E Bay, Craig's List and Amazon. There are millions of people who are looking to buy on-line and millions of products you can shop from the convenience of your computer, phone, or tablet.

Fraud! On line scams have increased by 200% over the last year. Other types of scams have also increased exponentially. Find out how to protect your identity, money, and other assets by taking this class. You will learn about the different types of scams including phishing, scam alerts, IRS, charity, up front fees, romance, computer, lottery, phone scams and many other dirty tricks to cheat you out of your money. The information in this class will help protect you from losing your identity and assets through straight forward techniques anyone can master.

How to cut the cable cord Cable (or satellite) television is the single most expensive utility for many households. This class will show you many viewing options that are free or much lower cost than cable. We'll discuss the pros and cons of cable, how to get internet without cable, how to get tv from your computer to your television, and much, much more. Find out why and how thousands of tv watchers are ditching cable forever!

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  How to Cut the Cable Cord

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   How to cut the cable cord

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   How to Cut the Cable Cord

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   How to cut the cable cord

   How to Cut the Cable Cord

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  How to cut the cable cord

  Smart Phone Photography



  How to cut the cable cord

  Smart Phone Photography

  Android Phones part 1 and 2

  How to Cut the Cable Cord



  How to Cut the Cable Cord